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Ford is discontinuing the Fiesta and 2021 will be its final model year, at least here in the U.S. The move is the result of a broader effort to build more profitable vehicles that consumers are buying, namely crossover SUVs and trucks. Ford Fiesta 2021 Review reed next. The new Ford Fiesta 2021 is full of news, ready to hit front with its competitors. This model has a super modern look and an interior full of technology. Below you will find all the details of the new Ford Fiesta 2021!

New Ford Fiesta 2021

The new Ford Fiesta 2021 is a hatch full of personality is technology that offers a diversity of versions and a unique economy. Today we will talk a little more about the Ford New Fiesta 2021 , and if you want to know more about this launch, just keep following. The Ford New Fiesta 2021 received in this launch a series of novelties ranging from its look to its mechanics, the following will talk a little more about these new features. According to Ford spokesperson Sam Schembari, the only passenger cars sold for the 2021 model year will be the Fusion and Mustang. Sadly, this likely means that consumers looking for an affordable small car will be compelled to consider a crossover like the EcoSport (or a competitor).


The interior of the Ford New Fiesta 2021 gets more technology to provide more comfort, safety and connectivity, check out some of the items we will have:

  • Heater;
  • Digital Air Conditioner (EATC);
  • Automatic pilot;
  • Bluetooth connection;
  • Steering wheel audio controls;
  • USB port;
  • Navigation system;
  • Multifunction LCD screen on center panel;
  • Rear bench with split bump (60/40);
  • Board computer;
  • Integral central console with holder;
  • Control of light intensity of the panel;
  • Tachometer (tachometer);
  • Electrical Direction;
  • Ford Easy-Start;
  • Illumination of the trunk;
  • 1 12V power point (front center console);
  • 6 speakers (4 speakers + 2 tweeters);
  • Manual adjustment of the driver’s seat in 4 directions;
  • Height adjustment and steering column depth.


The Ford New Fiesta 2021 has as main competitors in the market the new Peugeot 208, Chevrolet Onix and Fiat Argo 2021, these models are great highlights when it comes to fuel economy, but for the new Ford Fiesta, the expectation is that at least 11% more savings. It’s recognisably a Fiesta. It drives like one too. But the bits that needed fixing – the cabin and the driver-assistance tech – have had a major re-vamp.

Actually that’s not entirely fair. It’s not just the uncompetitive bits that have been worked on. The whole thing is pretty much new. That wasn’t the initial plan. After all the outgoing car was entirely new just eight years ago so they were just going to give it a re-skin, do the other vital changes, and go for a beer. But one change led to another and the engineers and designers ended up fiddling and fettling with almost every part of the car.

People liked the old Fiesta, and it took up residence at the apex of Britain’s sales charts. So it’s justifiable that Ford hasn’t torn everything up and started again with the styling. Instead the designers modernised and evolved the look.

Driving the old Fiesta usually made us happy, so again it hasn’t been radically altered. There’s been some diligent evolution though. And with that, as we’ll see, the character has changed a bit. The big news though, is the inside. Everyone knew it had fallen way behind. Gritty blue display screens and a control system modelled on a Motorola RAZR (look it up kids) had long lost their relevance. So that’s where the main changes have gone on.


The launch of new 2021 Ford Fiesta brings to the market 6 options of external colors, check which are:

  • White Arctic;
  • California Blue;
  • Red Vermont;
  • Red Arizona;
  • Silver Dublin;
  • Black Bristol.

Fuel economy

City – 8.6 L/100 km
Hwy – 6.4 L/100 km


In the ST, the 1.6-litre engine has increased performance, with 197 horsepower, coupled with 202 lb.-ft. of torque — only available with a six-speed manual gearbox. The Fiesta is being discontinued after the 2021 model year.

Technical specifications

The Fiesta has got quite a bit longer, but none of that is any immediate use. It’s mostly just bigger bumpers, which the insurance companies wanted. The wheelbase is a trivial 4mm longer. To find a little more useable space there’s been a bit of chipping away around the back seat – which has a thinner cushion – and the boot lining.

The body styling takes a very similar face as before, but removes some of the creases in the body, while adding extra curves to the side sculpture. It’s a subtly grown-up look. At the back the old vertical tail-lamps give way to horizontal units that emphasise the width. They’re LEDs in most models. Most versions have LED from running lights in a mascara trace around the headlamps too.

The familiar 1.0 three-cylinder remains, in a wide range of turboed outputs up to 140bhp. The old 1.25-litre four is gone, replaced by the three-cylinder in unblown 1.1-litre form. The diesels are 1.6s, up to a stout 120bhp. But no-one much buys Fiesta diesels. All turbocharged cars get six-speed gearboxes, a brand-new one for the petrols.

The suspensions are new, to provide the wider track. That said, they use the same principles: strut front, torsion beam behind. But we see bigger and more sophisticated bushings in many locations aimed at reducing ride harshness while boosting cornering precision. Stiffer arms do the same. Higher-spec dampers keep the motions better controlled. Bigger wheels and uprated brakes help the gripping and the stopping.


Will Ford offer a low-priced model to appeal to buyers on a tighter budget? It’s certainly possible, but at the moment there appears to be no evidence suggesting the brand will be altering its current strategy. Unfortunately, that could spell bad news for Ford shoppers with affordability in mind. In terms of price, the Fiesta ranges from around $16,000 to just over $22,000 before options and incentives. The EcoSport ranges from around $21,000 to nearly $29,000.

The price of this release can be readjusted, but as it has not been disclosed, check the price and the current versions of the model:

  • Ford New Fiesta SE 1.6: from $ 15350 ;
  • Ford New Fiesta SE Style 1.6 from $ 16100 ;
  • Ford Fiesta SE Plus 1.6 AT from $ 16900 ;
  • Ford New Fiesta SEL 1.6 from $ 16550 ;
  • Ford New Fiesta SEL 1.6 AT from $ 17700 ;
  • Ford New Fiesta SEL Style Ecoboost AT from $ 18900 ;
  • Ford New Fiesta Titanium 1.6 AT from $ 19300 ;
  • Ford New Fiesta Titanium Plus 1.6 AT from $ 20350 .


The Ford New Fiesta 2021 is a vehicle for those looking for a traditional model that does not leave aside tectonology, comfort and safety.

Several improvements are already expected for the launch, and among them we can highlight:

  • New refurbished headlamps;
  • Redesigned front grille;
  • Sharpest lines on your hood.


1.6L I4 (120 hp/112 lb-ft); turbo 1.6L I4 (197 hp/202 lb-ft). Ford’s small car comes as a sedan or hatchback and in three trim levels: S (sedan only), SE (sedan or hatch) and performance-oriented ST ( hatch only), the ST with sport seats, rear spoiler and interior trim accents. Gone is the Titanium trim level. Ditto the turbo 1.0-litre three-cylinder, the S and SE fitted with a 1.6-litre four-cylinder and mated to a five-speed manual transmission or an optional six-speed automatic. In the ST, the 1.6-litre engine has increased performance, with 197 horsepower, coupled with 202 lb.-ft. of torque — only available with a six-speed manual gearbox. The Fiesta is being discontinued after the 2021 model year.


This will make the Fiesta ST one of the cheapest cars on sale in Australia with a mechanical limited-slip differential, even though the price has gone up significantly.

The previous-generation Fiesta ST cost $25,990 plus on-roads when it when on sale in August 2013, but the price had risen to $27,490 plus on-roads by the time it bowed out in April 2018.

The new Fiesta ST will be priced from $31,990 plus on-road costs when it arrives in dealerships in late January or early February 2021, giving it a drive-away price of close to $35,000.


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